Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fin (for the semester)

November Hours -
KIPP - 4

Total Hours - 38

Somehow it's already the end of November, with Thanksgiving gone and Christmas to look forward to. These 5 months in New Orleans have really flown by; I can't believe I'm 2 weeks away from being halfway done with this masters program! I'm very excited for next semester, as the classes will become more elective focused and hopefully the research I'm doing with my lab group will pick up. I haven't been able to commit as much time as I'd like to the lab because of my erratic course schedule, but next semester should hopefully be easier in that regard. Service hours were light this month, because I've already reached my requirement for two credit hours. At KIPP, we continued to sort through their files, giving teachers time to perform other tasks that are more important.
Thankfully, the brunt of the semester's work is over, with only one exam left until Christmas break. It's incredible how much information we've actually learned in our relatively short time here. While I was home for Thanksgiving, I was able to rattle off the mechanism of action, side effects, and indication of some medications I'd seen my Dad taking. It was a simple but revelatory experience that showed me I'm definitely on the right path to my future.