Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Back at it again

After an all too short two week break, I found myself back in New Orleans ready for another semester. It's picked up pretty quickly, so I haven't had much time to volunteer. Our normally free time to go KIPP is now occupied by a new class, so it's been difficult to make it out there. With research and school in full swing, I haven't been able to perform my good samaritan's duty and volunteer this month, but I fully intend to get back out there once my schedule settles down. I've looked into other places to volunteer as well, like more coastal restoration or habitat for humanity.

This semester is different from the first one, with more classes that carry less weight. I wouldn't call it busy work; rather, I'd say I'm spending more time in the classroom for different lectures/seminars than normal. The material is engaging as always, so I have no trouble staying interested. I'm anxious to take our shelf exam, the massive cumulative exam that covers everything we've learned since July. It is worth 25% of our grade in med pharm this semester, so preparations have already begun. After that, I'll be taking my MCAT again and applying to medical school. It'll be a busy 3-4 months!!

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