Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Last Hurrah

Well this is it! It's over. The program has come to a close and I will officially be a Master of Pharmacology. It's incredible. This program has given me so much, and I'm very glad I decided on it. This month has been a whirlwind as we've closed down the semester. We had our last exam on Tuesday, so it's still settling in. I've been back at KIPP, whittling away those hours in my favorite copy room. It will be sad to see all my friends I've made in this program leave as I look to stay here, but I'm excited for the new challenges ahead. As I search for a job, I realize I've actually become a real adult. No more can I hide behind the curtain of graduate school in order to stave off the impending doom of adulthood. I'm hopeful that I can land a job doing research here at Tulane, as it would definitely help my resume when applying this coming cycle. Speaking of which, that is rapidly approaching. I'm currently studying hard for the MCAT (the studying never stops), and preparing my application. It's all happening at the same time, which is crazy, but luckily that means it will all be over soon. So long to my 3 readers.


April hours - 8

This semester total - 22

Year total - 60

Monday, April 3, 2017

March Madness

Another month has flown by, and we only have another month left in this program. It's crazy how quickly time has passed!! In the middle of March, we had our massive cumulative shelf exam, the summation of 8 months of learning and tutelage. It was challenging, but I'm very glad it's over. Now we just have a few more classes here and there until we're out of here at the end of April. Unfortunately, because of the business during March, I wasn't able to volunteer too much. I was only able to do some at KIPP. This upcoming weekend, however, I'll be planting trees again in the swamps of Louisiana in order to preserve that ever-important coastline. Over the course of our environmental pharmacology lectures, we've learned that New Orleans is basically done for, in terms of the rising sea level. Hopefully, this work to restore the coastline will do some to mitigate that. With more free time, I'll also look forward to returning to KIPP and continuing my volunteering there. Finally, we have some lead sample collection to do as we examine New Orleans' lead levels. This month will be exciting and challenging, as I complete my masters coursework and ramp up my MCAT studying. In addition, I'll be preparing my application for med school. It'll be a busy two months, but I'm looking forward to it.

Total hours - 14

March Hours - 4