Tuesday, February 28, 2017


In early February, a tornado struck New Orleans east and wrought serious damage to hundreds of homes. It was estimated to have been an EF3 category tornado, the third strongest possible tornado in existence. Thankfully, no one was killed in the disaster. However, countless lives were ruined because of the damage. On a bright Thursday morning two days after the storm, my classmates and I drove out with the Red Cross to help with damage assessment. Essentially, we were categorizing homes based on their damage. The "grade" we gave it would determine how much aid money they would receive. It was crazy to see how some home would be completely untouched, yet three doors down, a house would be gone--yes gone, with only the concrete foundation remaining. The resolve of those in the neighborhood was incredible. Many had experienced Hurricane Katrina as well, so most of their frustration and anger was directed at FEMA's general uselessness. It was understandable, given their lack of presence in the area. I plan to go again as soon as my schedule permits. Although a month has passed since the tornado struck, those people still need help.

Here's one of the crazier photos I grabbed. A trucked completely upside down, incase you suddenly lose the ability to see at this point in the blog.

Total Hours - 10

February - 10

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